Blue Kits Age 1 to 100 (Banner, Balloon, Candle, Badge)

Our home décor kit is a simple, but effective way to jazz up your home ready for your little one's birthday. You could even buy the one of the older kits and have it sent to a friend or family member during lockdown to help bring a smile on a special day.

Please select which age you'd like.

We also offer Birthday Boy and Happy birthday in this set.

Included in this kit is :

1x Jumbo badge

1 x Holographic birthday banner ( the banner is 3.9m long, it can be used as one giant banner or split into 3 smaller banners as the pattern repeats)

1 x Pack of multi colour aged latex balloons (the balloons can be inflated up to 9 inch diameter) 

1 x Aged coloured edge glitter candle.